How to Apply Eye Liner in Pencil and Liquid Forms

Whether you want to have a soft natural look or a smoky sultry appearance, the makeup trick that you should know is how to apply eye liner. Eyeliners give shape and increase the depth of the eyes making them appear bigger and more eye catching. Eyeliners can come in two kinds, the pencil eyeliners and the liquid eyeliners.

If you want to create light and soft lines on the edge of the eyes, it is best to use pencil eyeliner. However, for bolder and well defined lines, you should probably opt for liquid eyeliner because it has a more dramatic effect on the eyes. Either of the two kinds of eyeliners you want to use, the most important thing is you know how to apply eye liner correctly to achieve the look that you want. Here are some tips on how to apply eye liner you could try on.

In front of a mirror place the elbow of your dominant hand in front of you. Make sure you are comfortable with your position to avoid unnecessary movements. Slightly tilt your head backwards so that your eyes would be half-open. Always remember that in this position, you should be able to see your entire eyelid.

For pencil eyeliners, draw the tip of the pencil in between your fingers to smoothen the edges. Most of the time, edges of pencil eyeliners tend to harden up when they dry. For liquid eyeliners, check for clumps in the liner.

apply eye liner pencil

Gently pull your eyelid upward and sideways from your nose. Begin at the inside edge of the eyes. Draw short and thin lines across the upper eyelid nearest to the lash line if possible, if you are using pencil eyeliners.

For liquid liners, make a smooth continuous line across the upper eyelid, as close as the lash line as well, if possible. Take time to let the liquid liner to dry up before opening your eyes, or else the liner will smear.

If you are using a pencil, you can smudge the line using your fingers or cotton swab to even out the lines. Rub gently at the upper part going outwards. For liquid liners, you would not need to smudge anything else because you are done once the liners have gone dry on your eyes.

For the bottom lid, make a thin line beginning at the outside edge going across the eyes. For a more natural look, make a line only 1/3 of your bottom lid. Line the entire lid if you want it to be more dramatic and noticeable.

You should remember that applying eyeliner on both the upper and lower lid can make your eyes appear smaller. If you already have small set of eyes and would like to make them appear bigger, you can only outline the bottom lid of the eyes.

At the end of the day, always remember to remove any make up on your face using a good make up remover. Washing your face with soap and water can also be done to make sure that there is not dirt left. No matter how tired you are, it is always best to clean your face before going to bed as a part of a healthy face and skin care regimen.

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