How To Apply Eye Make Up For Beginners

Most women could not leave their houses without applying make up. This is because many of them have become accustomed to wearing make up wherever they may go. It should be noted though that there are different types of make up items that one can apply; and, one of which is the eye make up.

Eye make up is very important, since the eyes is one of the most prominent features of a person’s body. Thus, proper application of eye make up is vital for a woman to accentuate her eyes. With that, many people would admire her looks more, and she would also feel more confident whether she is going out with her friends or going to work.

There are many ways that you can follow in order to ensure that you are able to properly apply eye make up. However, it should be noted that just like how one person is unique to another, people’s eyes also vary in shapes, colors, and sizes. Therefore, you should consider the uniqueness of your eyes in order to properly enhance its looks, with the application of eye make up.

To properly apply eye make up, the first thing that you want to get your hands on is a high quality eye shadow. Prior to applying any kind of eye make up though, you should make sure not to overdo it. Going back to the proper application of eye shadow, you should start by brushing the powder real gently across the whole lid.

After that, you should trace along the bone of your brows with a darker shade to emphasize the beautiful shape of your eyes. You need to make sure that you achieve a uniform shade for both of your eyes, so that they will look good.

apply eye makeup

Eye shadow application is usually followed with the use of an eyeliner. If you consider yourself as a beginner in applying make up, you should know that it is available in different styles of application. You can apply it with the use of a pencil, cream, or even in liquid form.

Each of these eyeliner application types has its own advantages and disadvantages over the others; however, choosing which one you want would hugely depend on your preferences. For example, if you want to achieve a more natural looks, then you should go with the eyeliner pencil.

After the eyeliner, you can apply the finishing touches to your eye make up with the use of the mascara. This should be applied on both the lower and upper lashes, since it will make them look more lengthy and dark. By taking note of these things about applying eye make up, you can expect to impress your friends the next time you go out with them.

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