How To Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro

Applying eyeshadow like a pro is something that many women want to achieve. This is because if you can do it on your own, then you won’t have to hire anyone or visit the salon to have the beautiful features of your eyes get accentuated.

When it comes to applying make up, the part that many women get stuck on is when they need to apply eyeshadow on their eyes. This is because it is a delicate process, and it will determine the overall looks of your eyes when it is done.

On top of that, since your eyes is one of the more prominent parts of your body, then it is also a big factor that can affect your looks as a whole.
One of the basic points that you need to remember when it comes to applying eyeshadow is that, it should be done in a way that it will enhance the positive features of your eyes. It is indeed a work of art, which is why it will require great care and practice.

Prior to the application of the eyeshadow, in order to achieve the effects that a professional can, you should make use of a foundation and a concealer. The foundation is used to even out your skin tone, and the purpose of the concealer is to make sure that the tone under your eyes is even out as well.

Aside from that, you should also become more conscious on the shades of colors that you want to choose for your eyeshadow. This would highly depend on your skin tone, as well as to the colors of your eyes. For example, if you have blue eyes, then it is best to use warm colors for it. On the other hand, having brown eyes would be the easiest, since they can go with any shade of color.

apply eyeshadow

In applying eyeshadow, you can start from your lash line to your brow. In most cases, the eye make up consists of light, medium, and darker shades; and, the normal process usually starts with covering the entire eyelid as the base with the lighter color. After which, you can apply the medium or darker shade on your lower eyelid.

When it comes to spreading the eye shadow, it is best to make use of your fingers for that, or a brush. This is so, you can achieve the effect, which makes it appear like the eyeshadow is part of your skin.

Keep in mind that there are different eyeshadow brushes that you can make use of today. Each of these brushes are made for different purposes; and, exploring the use of different kinds will help you determine which brushes to use on certain occasions.

To ensure that you are able to apply eyeshadow like a professional, it is best that you take some time in practicing it. Even though you already know the proper steps in doing it, it is still best if you do it lots of time, so that you can explore it further.

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