How to Cure Pink Eye

There are lots of annoying diseases or conditions that people experience and one of which is pink eye. Pink eye is actually known as conjunctivitis in the medical community, and it is characterized by the inflammation of the inner part of your eyelids, as well as the outer layer of your eye.

It is usually an isolated case, where only one eye of a person gets infected. However, in the early stages of the infection, if you rub the infected eye and accidentally touch your other eye with the same hand or fingers, then you may be able to get it infected as well.

When you have pink eye, it will appear red, watery, as well as itchy. In most cases, swelling around the eye can also be observed.

It should be noted that conjunctivitis can lead to other complications, and may even cause blindness to a person if not treated well. Aside from that, it is also contagious, and it can hamper your sight, which makes you more vulnerable to accidents if you are driving.

One of the best ways to cure conjunctivitis is to pour clean water into the eye that is infected. You can actually make use of cool water, for it will provide you with a more soothing effect.

Water will help in providing you relief from the symptoms of pink eye; thus, it will reduce the pain and inflammation. Since it will have a cooling effect on the nerves in your eye, it will also prevent the condition to cause further damage.

cure pink eye

Aside from pouring water on your eye, it is also best to make use of certain types of medications to take care of your pink eye. Over the counter decongestant and anti-histamine drugs will help a lot in reducing the redness and itchiness of your eye.

In most cases, since the infection can also trigger allergic reactions, the mentioned drugs will also help in gaining control over it. Just make sure that you consult your doctor prior to purchasing the said medications, so that you are certain that you will buy the right kind of medicines and apply the proper dosage.

If the inflammation of your eye is quite unbearable, you may need to make use of corticosteroids, which are very effective in reducing inflammation.

This medication works quite fast, but it may have a tendency to dry up your eye, which is why it is best to combine the use with artificial eye drop tears. Just the same as making use of over the counter drugs, it is also best to consult your doctor regarding making use of corticosteroids.

These are the options that you have on how to cure pink eye. Weigh your options well, so that you will be able to get rid of the nasty symptoms that are associated with conjunctivitis.

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