How To Prevent Lice

In these modern times, there are still people that get affected of head lice. These types of lice are usually found only in human scalp, for they cannot survive on animals.

They feed on human blood, and whenever they do, it irritates the person that has them, since it can cause a lot of itchiness and pain. Aside from that, when head lice move from one hair strand to another, that can also cause a lot of annoyance to a person, which will make him irritable.

Having head lice is something that you cannot be proud of. Aside from that, since these parasites are usually passed from one person to another, there is always a possibility of getting a disease from them.

As mentioned on top, these lice are parasites that get passed on from one individual to another through crawling on bed, on a person’s clothes, caps, and many more.

They do not discriminate; thus, any person can get affected by them, including children. In fact, children are the most susceptible of head lice infection, due to the fact that they can get exposed to it by being near a child who has it.

Since children spend lots of time in school, if one individual has lice, then there is a huge possibility that he gets to distribute the parasites to other kids without intending to.

One of the best things to prevent it to become a full blown infestation is early detection. Thus, at the single sign of lice, you should make use of a solution to treat it.

prevent lice

You should not focus only on yourself when it comes to this. If you have kids who already are going to school, then you must constantly check their heads in order to detect lice as early as possible.

When you find out that your kid has lice, there is no need to panic, since over the counter remedies are actually available for that. All you need to do is to find a shampoo that is made to get rid of lice, and make use of it on your child. In most cases, these types of shampoos contain permethrin and pyrethins, which are chemicals that can destroy the lice.

In most cases, these types of shampoos can be used as you would any other kind of shampoo that you have. However, some products contain specific instructions on how to use it, as well as how often to use it, so that it would do more good than harm. Keep in mind that these products only kill the live lice; and, these lice usually lay eggs constantly to multiply.

To ensure that you get rid of them all, use it again after 7 to 10 days, so that you can also take care of the lice that just hatched from the eggs, before they can multiply.

These are the things that you can do in order to prevent lice to affect you or any member of your family. If one is infected in your household, it may be wise for all of you to use the shampoo, to avoid it from spreading. However, make sure to read the instructions carefully, since it may not be advisable for younger kids.

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