How to Treat a Boil and Stop the Reoccurrence

Boils are indication that there are accumulations of bacteria underneath your skin. Those are very unpleasant to look at because of the formation of abscess or pus in the skin.

If untreated, boils may disappear in time, but they will reappear in different areas of your skin. Or worse, another boil may pop out while the first boil is still present. Here are 5 easy ways on how to treat a boil and stop them from reoccurring again and again.

One of most important procedure in knowing how to treat a boil is by proper hand washing. Good hygiene is the number enemy of most bacteria and dirt; therefore, fighting these unwanted foreign bodies can be done by simply having a clean hands.

Wash your hands with warm water and a good antibacterial soap to make sure all kinds of bacteria will be washed away. Scrub your hands for about 30 seconds, focusing on the spaces of your fingers and your nails. Especially if your nails are long, you would need to use a gentle scrub to reach the distal parts of your nails.

treat boil

In order to know how to treat a boil, you must first be aware of what the first sign of a possible boil formation should be like. If you notice a part of your skin that is swelling and warm to touch, try to inspect its color.

Usually, boils would appear red in color and a pinpoint yellow in the center would indicate the pus about to pop out. If you have seen these, then it is positive that a boil is forming on the skin.

If your pus leaks, make sure you wipe them off with a tissue and throw that receptacle right away. Do not let any leaked pus have contact with other parts of your body, as well as avoid contact with other people.

People or body parts that may come contact with the pus may be the birth of pus. Keep affected area as clean and dry as possible by covering it with sterile gauze.

Be patient and let the boil heal for itself. Do not prick or touch the surrounding area of the affected part. Pricking would usually cause your boil to leave a scar on your skin, and it usually is painful, not to mention it is also unsanitary. So, just wait for the right time and the pus would usually drain on its own after 9- 10 days.

The only way to stop boils from forming again and again is simply by having a good hygiene. Wash your hands all the time, especially before you touch your face. Scrub and clean the different parts of your body every time you take a bath.

Focus on areas where bacteria love to dwell such as the underarms, in between the legs, neck and other areas where usually gets damp with sweat most of the time. Dirt and bacteria loves to dwell in moist areas, so make sure you wipe off your sweat every time.

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