How to Treat a Cold Sore by Simple Home Remedies

Cold sores, or sometimes called fever blisters are due to herpes simplex virus. It can appear in different parts of the body, but it usually appears on the mouth, which can be very distracting to look at.

Luckily, there are some ways on how to treat a cold sore by simply home remedies. All you will need to have are ice, pain killer medication, healthy foods, cold or warm compress and a good pair of soap and water.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. Therefore, avoiding the formation of the cold sore is the best way to treat cold sores. The first sign of a developing cold sore start with a tingly sensation on an area.

Once you have this sensation in the first hand, apply ice packs or cold compress on the area for a few minutes. Repeat this procedure at least 5 times a day to prevent the possible formation of cold sores. This procedure can save you big time from the unwanted sight of the sore on the mouth.

If the condition was not prevented, it is now time to know how to treat a cold sore. Since cold sores are caused by viruses, an antibiotic will not work in treating them. use an antiviral medication to effectively treat the cold sore.

treat cold sore

Ask your physician regarding what type of antiviral medication to use to suppress the outbreaks, and prevent you from contaminating others. Another medication that can be very effective on how to treat a cold sore is an ointment that contains zinc.

Zinc-based ointments are very helpful in speeding up the healing process of the sore, and these types of ointments can be available in different drug stores. Ask your physician as well regarding the medication you can take for the pain of the sores.

There are also some ointments you can ask your physician that can prevent the cracking and bleeding of the sores in your face. Cracking and bleeding can cause the virus to spread, therefore it is important to avoid them.

Cold cores accompanied by fever are common in children’s cases. Curing the fever will help inn curing the sore as well. Drink lots of fluid and eat plenty of healthy food to keep the child energized.

Have plenty of rests on bed and minimize strenuous activities for the meantime. Take analgesics to cure the fever as well. Once the fever is cured, it will be now easier to cure the cold sore.

Avoid touching other people to prevent the spread of the sore. Avoid touching the sore as well to prevent transfer of the virus and spread of virus on your body system. Wash your hands with water and soap regularly and maintain a good hygiene to prevent contact contamination.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight because the UV rays can worsen the condition of the cold sore. Remove the toxins on your body by simple exercises that can make you sweat. Exercising helps a lot in treating and preventing the formation of cold sores all throughout the body.

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