How to Treat Acne Depending on What Causes Them

Growth of acnes on the face is inevitable and is usually part of the growing up stage of any person’s lives. It can be damaging in one’s self image as to it affects the face but there are different ways a person can do on how to treat acne.

There are several reasons why there are acnes on our skin, and by knowing what causes the acne, you will also have an idea on how to treat acne. Here are some reasons on why acne occurs and the way you can treat them.

First of all, hormones can be the number one culprit when a person has acnes, whether on the face or other parts of the skin. Testosterone, the male hormones and progesterone, the pregnancy hormones are usually the ones responsible for the stimulation and break outs of acnes.

Some birth control pills contain progesterone; therefore while you are on this medication, expect to have minor acne growth on the face or your skin. What can battle these hormones is the estrogen hormone, the female hormone.

Estrogen can help on fighting off these hormones that causes acnes. However, these are only natural hormones of our body and we cannot control the production of these hormones. Since these are natural events on our body, genetics can also be the one to blamed for acne formations.

Next in line from hormones, the second culprit when a person has acnes is sweating. Notice that the areas where sweat usually happen is where most acnes grow, like in the hairline of the head, on the side of the nose or on the backs.

treat acne

Having a humid and hot weather will increase the chances of having acnes making people living in tropical areas more prone to having acnes. The only way to treat acne when you have this cause is simply by having a good hygiene when it comes to your face or skin.

Wash your hands before and after you have touched your face and wash your face with anti-bacterial or acne soaps. This will help big time in removing dirt and bacteria from your skin giving you a cleaner face or skin.

There are some medications that can aggravate the acne on the skin or face. If you have noticed that the acne is worsening, you might want to talk to your doctor regarding the change of medication, if possible.

Using a medication that consist Benzyl peroxide can help in improving the condition of the acne. This medication is available in most market or pharmacies so you can easily buy it over the counter.

Now that you know what causes and how to treat acne, you can be sure that you will no longer have problems on those unwanted pustules on your face on your skin in the most important event of your life.

Maintain a good hygiene and keep your skin, especially your face, free from dirt and oil and have a clearer, smoother and more beautiful skin. Have that perfect glow without any sign of distress by these simple tricks that you can do for yourself.

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