How To Treat Canker Sores

Canker sores, which is also referred to as mouth ulcers, can cause a lot of distress to a person, especially if they get really swelled up. The bigger the canker sores are, the more pain it can put you through, which can make it difficult for you to eat, drink, and even talk.

These sores usually form on the softer parts of your mouth, which can include your lips, the inner side of your cheeks, and in some cases, your tongue.

When you have mouth ulcers on your tongue, or a certain part of your mouth, which usually gets in touch with the foods you eat, then it may cause you to lose your appetite. Thus, it is time that you know certain ways of treating it, so that you no longer have to deal with its many discomforts.

One of the best ways to cure canker sores is to identify its cause. There are actually lots of possible reasons why you have canker sores, and one of which is stress. If you happen to have quite a stressful week at your office, when your canker sores started, then it may be the root cause of the condition.

Therefore, it is best that you find ways to relax, and avoid the things that can get you agitated. You can choose to watch a movie, go on a trip with your family for the weekend, or practice yoga for this.

treat canker sores

If your canker sores cause a lot of pain, which can be quite disturbing at night, then you can make use of salt soaked in water to gain relief from it. A tablespoon of salt mixed with a warm glass of water should do the trick, by swishing it inside your mouth.

Spit the salt solution after a few seconds, then repeat it. The salt will alleviate the pain as well as the swelling; thus, doing this after waking up and before bedtime will help you a lot in treating canker sores.

If you have been experiencing canker sores quite often these recent weeks, then it is very possible that the root cause of it can be found in your toothpaste. According to recent research, toothpastes that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is actually commonly used by toothpaste manufacturing companies, can aggravate cell membranes that are found in your mouth.

When that happens, canker sores will start to develop. Therefore, it is time to check the ingredients of your toothpaste, and see if SLS is included in it. If it is, then change it to something that does not contain the said chemical.

These are the simple ways of treating canker sores. Aside from this though, since canker sores can also be related to your immune system, boosting your body’s defenses can also help in curing and preventing it. Thus, it is time that you eat a healthy diet, get enough exercise, and drink your multivitamins daily.

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