How to Treat Constipation In Pet Dogs

Just like human beings, a man’s best friend can also get constipated. Just like human beings as well, dogs need attention when it has not passed out stool for 2-3 days. Toxic wastes retained in their body, can also be harmful to their health. So, here are ways on how to treat constipation in dogs.

Before you could know how to treat constipation in dogs, it is important for you to know what caused this condition to your pet. First of all, it might be because of what he ate.

Especially with little puppies with growing teeth, they love to bite or chew on just anything they see. They love chewing or biting on hard materials due to the itchiness of their growing teeth.

The second factor for constipation in dogs is the blockage of the passage way of the stool. This is true to dogs with long hair or furs especially, because the anus may be blocked by the fur- partially or completely, making it hard for the stool to pass by.

If you have noticed the first sign of constipation on your dog, here are some ways you can try on how to treat constipation in dogs.

Place your dog in a comfortable position and assess your dog’s anus, check for the blockage of the rear end. Use an old sheet or newspaper to cover the floor to protect your home from any unwanted spill of the stool.

Also to protect yourself, you can wear gloves and mask. Just like human beings, pets can also become moody and sensitive when they are feeling unwell. So you have to make sure to create a friendly environment to you dog and secure him properly.

If possible, you can use the help of another person whom your dog is familiar as well to restrain the dog. Whether you can do it yourself or you need someone to help you out, you must make sure that the head of the dog is looking away from his or her rear end and the body should be still.

treat constipation pet dogs

Clip the extra hair away from the anus using clippers or scissors. You have to be careful to cut the fur only. Once the area is clear, spray the anus with water using a hose nozzle gently and see to it that anything that is stuck will be swept away.

Wipe the anus clean and dry with a wet washcloth or a paper towel thereafter. After the area is clean and dry, your pet may be able to pass away stool after 24 hours. During this period, add fiber in the dog’s diet and make sure to increase the oral fluid intake as well, as to help in softening and passing of the stool in the dog’s body system.

If still with no bowel movement, it is best to call or visit a vet for the dog’s condition. Do not hesitate to visit a vet or wait a little longer before asking for help. You dog may need assistance and medical care because there might be an obstruction on the dog’s intestine making stool impossible to pass through.

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