How To Treat Genital Warts

Genital warts can cause a lot of discomfort. Aside from that, it can also be embarrassing, especially when your partner tells you that she got her genital warts from you. It is important that you learn more about this condition, so that you will also understand it better. Aside from that, knowing how to treat the genital warts can also help you prevent spreading it to a lot of people.

In addition, it is vital that you treat the genital warts if you have them, because when these warts are left untreated, they can develop into something that can cause a lot of pain and even cervical cancer.

Lots of people consider genital warts as one of the many STIs or sexually transmitted infections. Although this can be true to lots of cases, it should be noted that there are instances when such an infection is spread even without sexual contact.

Aside from that, there are also a number of people who carry the infection, but have not experience its symptoms. Therefore, lots of people are prone to this kind of infection; and, more so with those who are sexually active.

treat genital warts

It is important that you know what to watch out for, in order to see if you have genital warts or not. Some of the signs that you need to lookout for include swellings or small lumps that you can find in your genitals, which may come grey in color; itchy feeling in your genital region; bleeding after sexual intercourse; and, lumps or warts, which may appear in clusters.

When it comes to the treatment of genital warts, it is best that you approach your doctor for it. This way, he would be able to assess the condition properly, since he or she will take a look at it. Certain doctors specialize in this kind of field, and they know what to recommend or prescribe when a person has genital warts.

With a reliable doctor, you will be assured that you are using a treatment option that is safe and effective. Many people these days do not want to visit a doctor when they are afflicted with genital warts. This is because they are ashamed in doing so, and they are reluctant of showing their genitals to someone they are not familiar with.

This should not be the case, since doctors are used to seeing these types of infections. Thus, they would not even remember how a person’s warts would look like after a day, due to the fact that they would be looking at a number of cases per day.

Some of the available treatment options for genital warts include Aldara, Condylox, and Trichloroacetic Acid. Some of them actually requires for the doctor to initiate the first application, while some do not. It is best that you discuss these options with your doctor in detail, so that you can choose the one that would suit you best.

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