How to Treat Gout and Soothe the Pain at Home

Gout can be painful in people who have this condition because it affects the joints and tendons of the feet. The pain can be intolerable when it starts making the individual unable to stand, nor walk normally.

The pain is formed from the uric acid that accumulates in the joints or tendons. Having a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle are usually the common causes of gout. Unfortunately for some, they do not know what to do with gout or how to decrease the occurrence of it.

Here are some ways on how to treat gout and minimize the pain only with safe and effective home treatments.

Soaking the affected joint in warm water has proven an effective way in soothing the pain. You can add 1/4 pound of sea salt, 1/2 cup medicinal activated charcoal or 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar per liter (2 pints) in the basin with warm water.

Soak the feet for 20 minutes every day or even during those times when the gout attacks. Gout attacks usually during sudden change of temperature or due to stress. Therefore, if you are anticipating any of these, you might want to prepare and soak your feet ahead of time.

Using over the counter drugs for pain relief is also advised for the gout pain. Consult your physician for the proper medication that you will take for the pain. Most of the time, ibuprofen will be prescribed as to it has an anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic effect.

Avoid taking in any medications that is just advised by your friends or family because there are some medications that have counter effects on the body which can worsen the condition you are in at the moment.

treat gout home

Avoid aspirin; although it can help in minimizing the pain, it increases the buildup of uric acid the bloodstream adding injury to the gout. Therefore, it is always best to check with your physician if ever you are planning to take a new medication or drug.

Since it is a proven fact that unhealthy diet is the cause of gout, you now know that alternating your diet can be another way on how to treat gout. Celery seed extracts or tea is very effective in lowering down uric acid crystals.

Diuretics such as sarsaparilla and dandelion leaf will increase your urine output to eliminate uric acid. Avoid foods and drinks that are rich in uric acid. Red meat, organ meat and fish are rich in purine, therefore should be avoided as to minimize the risk of gout.

Asparagus, mushrooms and cauliflower should also be avoided because they can increase uric acid level. Stay out of alcoholic beverages and soda beverages because they contain purine that will not help in treating gout.

Instead, eat potassium rich foods like bananas and cantaloupe to help lower down uric acid levels. To help reduce the inflammation, cranberries and apples are effective foods to eat. Increase oral fluid intake so the water can wash away the uric acid in the body.

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