How To Treat Head Lice

Having head lice can be quite embarrassing, even to small children, especially if their friends found out about it. They could be surrounded with kids who will constantly joke about their head lice; and, it could lead them not feeling good about going to school.

Although head lice can affect any person of any age, kids are more susceptible to them, since they are often sitting close to their classmates in their schools, which gives lice the opportunity to transfer from one person to another.

It is very important that you know how to treat head lice, so that your kid would no longer be ashamed of going to school. Aside from that, treating the head lice infestation would also make your kid feel more comfortable with his hair, since he no longer has to deal with a lot of itchiness and pain.

There are actually a lot of over the counter remedies available today for head lice. One of the more popular head lice treatments is usually done through the use of a certain type shampoo, which is manufactured for that purpose.

However, since it would be for your kids, you may have some second thoughts in using them, especially for the fact that most of these types of shampoos contain certain amounts of pesticides. Thus, it is best to make use of something that would not put your kid at risk for side effects; and, this can actually be done with the use of mayonnaise.

If you are going to make use of mayonnaise for treating the head lice on your kid, you won’t have to worry about chemicals going to their bloodstream through their scalp. Aside from that, it won’t cost you a lot of money, and it is actually quite effective.

treat head lice

All you actually have to do with the mayo is to spread a good amount of it to the entire head of your kid to kill the lice. It is important that you use enough amount of mayonnaise, in order to achieve a thick coating.

After the application, cover the head of your child with a shower cap and leave it there for 6 to 8 hours. Thus, it is a good idea to do this early in the morning, so that you will still have enough time in doing other activities that would follow it later on.

Mayonnaise would actually kill head lice since they breathe through their skin. However, since they can hold their breath, then you need to leave the mayo for a certain period of time. After the allotted time, shampoo your kid’s hair several times; and, you will see dead lice as you rinse his hair. After this is done, the next step that you need to take is to get rid of the eggs, which you can do with a nit comb.

Always remember that killing the lice is not enough, since the eggs will eventually hatch; and, it will only take a single nit to infest your child’s head again. Make sure to clean your surroundings very well. Aside from that, you need to spend a couple of days for nit picking, and you can also do the treatment after 7-8 days, when the eggs are expected to hatch.

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