How to Treat Hemorrhoids and What Causes Them

Hemorrhoids are pain, itchy and sometimes gives you burning sensation on your anus. These are inflamed and tender veins that can usually be bothersome to a person who has it.

Anyone can be affected by hemorrhoids, disregarding the age and gender. Genetics, personal hygiene and diet can be the ones to blame in this medical condition.

This condition may not be fatal, but it can be irritating when it happens. The pain you have to undergo when sitting down or when passing out stool is unbearable, at times can be embarrassing.

Hemorrhoids do not heal by themselves therefore it is a must that you should know how to treat hemorrhoids by yourself. The sooner you take action on this condition, the better.

What causes hemorrhoids is the amount of pressure exerted on the anus due to constipation, prolonged sitting or lifting of heavy objects. Too much pressure on the anus can cause the veins to bulge and causes hemorrhoids. The more you exert effort, the more painful it is because the veins will continue to bulge.

Now that you know what causes hemorrhoids, you probably now know on what to do on how to treat hemorrhoids. Since one major cause of having hemorrhoids is constipation, you should know how to avoid having constipation.

Avoid straining too much when you are removing your bowel and give yourself and your anus to relax from time to time if you are sitting on your throne. To avoid constipation, you must include a lot of fiber, bran and green leafy vegetable to your diet because these can help in the eliminating process of your waste.

Water can also be of big help in eliminating the waste inside your body. Aside from this, water can also soften your stool giving you a less hard time in the process of eliminating them.

If you have a feeling of constipation, force down 1 liter of water in your system and try walking around. This can help in initializing peristaltic movement in your intestines so the waste can go down.

The second cause of hemorrhoids mentioned above is due to prolonged sitting. It does not take a genius on how to resolve this problem.

Simple stand up and walk around from time to time if you are at work to relieve the pressure on your anus. The third is to avoid lifting heavy objects.

If you are required to do so, you should also take time to stand and relax or walk around from time to time to avoid the formation of painful hemorrhoids.

In personal hygiene, you should know how to clean your bottom every day. Make use of a soft toilet paper or adult baby wipes that contain aloe vera. This substance is gentle on the skin and it can prevent skin abrasion on your bottom.

Do not use a rough toilet paper because friction can cause your hemorrhoids to bleed and this condition would require medical approach.

Now that you know ways on how to treat hemorrhoids and what causes them, you should already know what steps you should take when this occurs.

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