How to Treat Pimples on the Back

Pimples are normal circumstances in everyone’s life. Having pimples is not something to be afraid of because it only shows that your oil glands are active and working. Pimples can pop out anytime, especially during those adolescent periods and for those people who are under a lot of stress.

Unfortunately for some, pimples go away leaving a scar behind, which are not very pretty to look at. However, with proper pimple treatment, you can avoid the formation of scar and leave your skin mark free from pimples.

Pimples can form in different parts of the body and the most common place pimples appear is on the face and back. Here are some steps you can do on how to treat pimples on the back.

Before you can know how to treat pimples, it is essential to know how they occur.

Usually, pimples pop out when the skin is oily. For some active individuals, they tend to sweat a lot and have active oil glands, especially on the back. When oil stays too long in the skin, mixed with dirt, pimples and pustules may start to form. Therefore, cleaning the back area and scrubbing them regularly will help prevent the formation of pimples on the back.

The first thing you can do on how to treat pimples on the back is to apply cold compress or ice packs over the pimples area and hold it for 3-5 minutes the coolness of the compress will minimize the swelling and redness of the pimple. Due to its cold effect, it can help in shrinking or closing the large pores of the skin.

If you are planning to wear a low cut dress on a special night and you have horrible pimples on the back, you can simple hided these imperfections with a good concealer that matches your skin, and of course it should contain antibacterial and oil free components.

Conceal the area with concealer after putting on foundation as to hide the uneven skin tone. However, you should also put into mind to wash off the make up after the party or before going to bed. Do not let any make up stay on your skin because make up can be dirty and can block the pores of the skin, giving you another pimple.

Avoid pricking or squeezing pimples because these can be the start of infection and scarring of the skin. Pimples heal on their own after 3-5 days, depending on how you treat them. You will be introducing more bacteria and dirt on your skin when you prick the pimples on their ripe stage. In due time, pimples will just heal and disappear on their own.

The fourth thing can do to treat pimples is by avoiding foods rich in oil and salt. These kinds of foods aggravate and hasten up the formation of pimples on your skin. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluids every day to help in the fastening of healing process of the pimples on the back.

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