How To Treat Ringworm In Humans

Ringworm is yet another common infection that affects people in different age groups. In most cases, this type of infection attacks during the hotter months, where occurrences subside during the winter.

However, it can easily get you infected, since there are lots of possible routes where you can catch it. Some of the instances where you can get infected with ringworm would include riding a public transportation, going for a swim at a pool that is frequented by lots of people, taking a shower at a gym, and many more.

Since it is highly contagious, it is best that you know how to treat it; and, some of the options that you can consider are found below.

Keep in mind that the word “worm” in ringworm does not actually refer to an actual worm or bug that gets you infected. It is called as such, since the infected area of your skin would look like a ring that has been formed by a worm.

Ringworm is actually a fungal rash, which can affect not just humans, but animals as well. Since it is fungal in nature, the part of your body that it has infected would become itchy, and scratching it would actually spread it in other parts of your body, and also increase the chances of infecting other people as well.

There are actually a lot of over the counter medications that you can consider making use of in order to treat ringworm. In most cases, these products contain antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. They are usually in the form of creams that you can easily apply topically on the affected part of your body.

treat ringworm humans

However, since the effectiveness or the strength of these products vary, it is a good idea to consult with a doctor first, if you want to try them out. If you visit a doctor that specializes in various skin conditions like ringworm, he will prescribe the product that he knows would be effective on the kind of situation that you are in.

On top of that, he can also tell you how often you would use the cream, and for how long, so as to maximize its effectiveness, as well as to prevent any kind of allergic reactions or negative side effects. There are cases where you need to use the antifungal cream for a couple of weeks, while some may need constant treatment for a month.

Since ringworm is an infection that is caused by a fungus, there are also steps that you can follow in order to help your medication in eradicating it. Some of the things you can do is to make sure that the part of your body that has it is not constantly exposed to moisture; drinking yogurt to increase the good bacteria build up in your body; and, other healthy practices, which will boost your immune system, so as to get it working against the fungus.

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