How to Treat Sore Throat with Effective Home Remedies

Sore throat is common in individuals, especially those who are about to be attacked with flu. It is simply the inflammation of the back of the throat that can be very painful and bothersome for some. The inflammation is caused by strep bacteria that have lodge on the throat, very common for children and teenagers.

Sore throats are not fatal, but the need to learn how to treat sore throat is essential because the pain can aggravate and cause more discomfort. Even simple actions like eating or swallowing saliva can be a hard thing to do. Sore throats are usually mild so here are some ways on how to treat sore throat that can relive you from pain.

Increase your oral fluid intake every day. Drink at least 8-9 glasses of fluids such as water, tea, fruit juices and milk to minimize the sore on the throat. Whether the drinks are prepared cold or warm, either will do as long as they are fluids that can smoothly pass down the throat.

Aside from soothing the sore throat, fluids can also help in liquefying the mucus on the throat making it easier to expel. If eating solid foods are intolerable, you can opt to eat soft foods or soups, instead. Soups like chicken noodle, minestrone, beef and barley, vegetable are proven to be effective in soothing a sore throat.

However, you should avoid drinking soups with high sodium content because the salt can irritate or burn the throat aggravating the condition.

If the sore throat is bothering you while you work or study, try sucking on lozenges. Lozenges are indicated to soothe the throat by numbing the sensation temporarily relieving you of the pain. Lozenges are proven to be effective oral analgesics even for children.

If lozenges are unavailable, you can substitute it with hard menthol candies instead. Take note to of the menthol flavor and avoid sweet candies because sugar sometimes gets stuck on the throat inviting more bacteria to dwell on it.

If eating sweets are inevitable, make sure to drink lots of water thereafter to wash away the remaining sugar that may be stuck on your throat.

Gargling with a good mouthwash is also an effective way on how to treat sore throat because it can wash away all the bacteria on the mouth. Gargle and rinse with a good mouthwash every morning and before going to bed.

If mouthwash is unavailable, you can create a saline solution by mixing ½ teaspoon of salt with a glass of water. The taste may be unpleasant, but it is a very effective way in treating sore throat. Aside from soothing your throat, it can also break the mucus build up on the throat making you free from sore throat.

Take some time to rest and avoid stress. Stress can sometimes also be a factor why sore throats do not heal in the first place. Sore throats usually heal by themselves, but you can help yourself by home remedies that can alleviate the pain of having sore throat.

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