Make Up Notes on How to Apply Blush

The application of brush always makes the face appear fresh and glowing with radiance. Learning how to apply blush and the process of application only require a few simple steps. Only with these few steps, you will be amazed on how amazing the end results are. Applying blush on the cheeks is simple and can be done by anyone in just a few minutes.

The tools in applying blush on the cheeks only require a mirror, a brush and your blush on. With these 3 tools, you can work on your face like magic. Read on so you can have slight ideas on how to apply blush on the cheeks.

There are two types of blush and using them depends on your skin type. For dry skin, it is best to use a cream blush as to hydrate the skin throughout the day. For oily skin, a power type of blush is recommended to conceal the oiliness of the face. Aside from the skin type, it is also important to take note of your skin tone.

A blush should not be too harsh, but rather it should complement your skin tone as well. Pick the shade of the blush that looks naturally on you when you glow.  For day time use, a lighter shade of blush should be used as not appear too fake. While for an evening look, you can use a darker shade of blush as to give emphasis on the glow of your face despite the darkness of the night. Take note that the blush should have at least the same or similarly the same shade of your lipstick.

apply blush

The application of blush should be done lastly, after you have done all your power and eye makeup. By making use of a round brush, place a pea sized amount of blush on it and tap off excess blush off the brush.

If you are using the cream type of blush, put a small amount of cream on your middle finger. Face the mirror and smile. Put the brush with blush on the top part of the cheek and brush it upwards toward your hairline.

For cream blush on, dot cream on the top part of the cheek and gently mix it upwards toward your hairline. Your cheekbone would be your mark because this is the part where most blushes should be found.

Apply blush by focusing on the outer part of your face, near your hairline if you have a fuller face. Focus on the center of your face to give emphasis on your bones if you have high cheekbones. Apply a little amount of blush down your cheeks for a more natural and glowing look.

That is all the information you would need on learning how to apply blush. As you can see, the process is just easy so you can do it on your own and look good even on your first time. As long as you know how to match the blush with your skin tone and what type of blush to use, applying blush on your cheeks would be a piece of cake.

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