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How to Apply Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

For beginners, applying make-up can be a mind boggling task. However, it is impossible to have a natural glowing look even without the help of eye make-up. Using eye shadows is a thing to be learned and practiced a lot because various shades are available and not all shades are applicable to anyone. It is important to know that the shades of the eye shadows one are about to use should depend on her eye color, skin tone and eye shape. Basically, applying eye shadow for individuals […]

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How to Apply Eye Shadow Beauty Tips

When people look into an individual’s face, the first thing he or she would notice is the eyes. Therefore, it is very important to know how to apply eye shadow as to give emphasis on the color and shape of your eyes. Learning how to apply eye shadow also means learning what shade of eye shadow and style will suit your eyes best. If you already have that perfect shaped eyes, give it more emphasis and flaunt what you have. Here are some tips on applying eye […]

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