How to Apply Eye Shadow Beauty Tips

When people look into an individual’s face, the first thing he or she would notice is the eyes. Therefore, it is very important to know how to apply eye shadow as to give emphasis on the color and shape of your eyes. Learning how to apply eye shadow also means learning what shade of eye shadow and style will suit your eyes best.

If you already have that perfect shaped eyes, give it more emphasis and flaunt what you have. Here are some tips on applying eye shadow correctly and on how to choose the shade that will suit your skin tone and hair color.

The rule of the thumb in learning how to apply eyeshadow would be to highlight your eyes. While dark shades of eye shadow are utilized to add dimension, lighter shades can perk them up. Using foundation around the eyelids supplies a good canvas to spread the attention shadow. Choose and use brushes that are flat and tilted in applying eye shadows.

Always start with light shades first. Make sure that the colors you are about to use will blend and appear as if natural. The skill of selecting the eye shadow colors should coincide with your hair color and complexion rather than the color of your outfit.

Eye shadow shades such as gray; violet and brown are excellent with blue eyes. For brown eyes, shades of gold, plum and burnt orange eye shadow will be the best choice. In cases of the skin color, dark skins look best with crimson or plum or cacao brown eye shadow. Always try to choose three colors within the same palette. Blend them for any good overall effect.

apply eye shadow beauty

An excellent eye shadow tip if you wish to make your eyes appear closer, it would be to stress the inner corners from the eyes. An easy eye shadow within the entire eye lid then a medium color around the inner 1 / 2 of the eye lid can produce a pleasing effect.

Remember always to combine for any natural finish. Light shades result in the eyes appear bigger. Sweep an easy eye shadow within the lid and shade the outer corners from the lid having a more dark shade. This will build your eyes appear more attractive and bigger.

Applying eye shadow for the first time can cause you disasters. So, with lots of patience, practice the techniques in application and blending of the different shades on your eyes. Try on different shades and techniques in contouring your eyes until you have found the perfect one that complements your eyes the most.

If you are planning to attend a party or any occasion that would require you to apply makeup, make sure to practice or have a trial make up session on yourself before the big day. This is simply to avoid unwanted make up flaws on the day of the important event. So, go ahead, try what was mentioned above and see for yourself what suits your eyes best.

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