How to Apply Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

For beginners, applying make-up can be a mind boggling task. However, it is impossible to have a natural glowing look even without the help of eye make-up. Using eye shadows is a thing to be learned and practiced a lot because various shades are available and not all shades are applicable to anyone.

It is important to know that the shades of the eye shadows one are about to use should depend on her eye color, skin tone and eye shape. Basically, applying eye shadow for individuals with brown eyes is much easier. Here are steps on how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes.

The first step on applying eye shadow is to choose the right colors for you. Begin with neutral colors, as a basic step and experiment on metallic, bright and dark colors after you are comfortable with the neutral colors.

For individuals with brown eyes, use an eye primer as a first step using your fingertips. Eye primers are essential because they serve as the base of the eye shadow. The time on how long your eye shadow will last will depend on the eye primer that you use.

After the eye primer, use a translucent powder underneath the eyes by using a brush. This powder will provide you an easier task for application of make up on your eyes.

apply eyeshadow

The second step on how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes is to apply the eye shadow itself using a brush. Make sure to divide the application into three parts, starting with the lightest shade in the brow line. The second shade which is the darkest will be applied next on the inner lid of the eye only.

The last would be the neutral shade on the outer part of the eye. Make sure to blend the shades together equally to prevent the visible markings or lining of each shade. Harsh lines when visible are not nice to look at because the make-up will appear to be unnatural. Remove the translucent powder that you have applied beforehand and you are now done!

Add a coat of black mascara on your eye lash to make a more dramatic look. Also, mascara can make your eyes appear to be bigger and brighter.

However, in learning how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes, do not limit yourself with the same neutral colors. If you care comfortable with your expertise in applying eye shadow, go into the next level one step higher and try on various shades of color, from light to dark up to metallic colors. But, you must also ensure that the eye shadow you will be using will be appropriate to the even or time of the day.

Usually for office works during the day, neutral shades of eye shadow and make-up are used in order not to be too flashy and to keep the natural glow and appearance of the face. Dark make-ups, on the other hand, can be worn during the night for a special dinner or a trip to the club.

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