What You Should Know About Pneumonia and How to Treat Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a medical condition of the inflammation of the lungs and it is usually affects more and more individuals every year. This condition is usually caused by the invasion of foreign particles such as bacteria or viruses in the lungs. Before you could know how to treat pneumonia, it is important that you should know what are the main characteristics an individual with pneumonia.

Difficulty of breathing accompanied by expectoration of colored sputum and high grade fever are common symptoms of pneumonia. A high grade fever for more than 2 days needs medical attention and you should consider consulting a physician by this time.

Pneumonia is usually mistaken as a common flu, but it should be treated as early as possible to avoid further complications. You can learn how to treat pneumonia and how to treat yourself with home remedies as a first aid.

Water therapy is usually the best therapy in any condition and individual may have. Water works as magic in a lot of ways in the body. It has lots of action such as it cleanses, detoxifies, and washes away dirt and toxins in our body.

Aside from these, it can also liquefy any mucus congestion that may be the cause of usual medical conditions in the body. In pneumonia, water therapy works by helping the immune system ward of infections and water helps in softening the congestion in the lungs, which causes the inflammation.

Difficulty of breathing may be accompanied by pain for individuals with pneumonia. The continuous coughing and the forced effort in breathing can cause the pain. Ask your physician for the right kind of analgesic he or she will prescribe you to take.

For severe cases, physicians usually prescribe an analgesic than can suppress the coughing reflexes of the body system, which can give some time for your lungs to rest.

Practice deep breathing exercises every day while you can. This is very beneficial because it can help you relax and rest for some time. Take 10-15 minutes break in the middle on your work and allow your body to regenerate itself.

Rest is very important for individuals with pneumonia because stress can further aggravate the production and buildup of mucus in the lungs. The body needs to rest as well as to conserve energy and to strengthen the immune system of the body. Also, deep breathing can expand your lungs to let in more oxygen into your body.

Deep breathing can be done by inhaling through your nose, hold your breath for 5-7 seconds and let the air out forcefully through your mouth. Practice this exercise for at least 3 times a day to increase the capacity in your lungs and make your lungs work well.

One way on how to treat pneumonia is to let all the mucus out of the system. This can be done by taking expectorants as to help your lungs expectorate all the mucus that might be lodging in the system.

Of all these home treatments, you would still need to consult a physician regarding the condition so he or she can assess you correctly.

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