Effective Ways How to Treat Sunburn

When we are having fun under the sun, we cannot notice the effect of the heat on our skin, until later on. After we have had all the fun, we will start to feel the unwanted and nasty sunburn on our skin.

This is the common after effect for those people who expose themselves too much under the sun. This should be avoided because studies have shown that people who gets exposed to the sun most of the time, has a bigger chance in having skin cancer.

However, if the damage has already be done, you have no choice but to do specific measures to treat them. Here are some ways on how to treat sunburn.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so what better way to treat sunburn, but to prevent them happening in the first place. Avoid having sunburn by using a sunscreen protection in your skin.

Use a sunscreen with the higher SPF or Sun Protection Factor because it is more effective in protecting you from having sunburn. Waterproof sunscreens are also available for some who would like to have a dip in the water. Aside from the sunscreen, use hat or a loose clothing to cover parts of your area.

Since sunburns are painful by nature, use an aloe to lessen the pain and cool the burning process on your skin. This can be found in most markets and stores and would usually cost you a little, depending on the brand that you prefer.

If you apply aloe on your burn skin immediately, there is a possibility that it can turn your red or pink colored skin into tan. Another advantage of aloe is it will give your skin less peeling or sometimes, none at all.

Another way on how to treat sunburn effectively is by application of wet cloth or cold comfort. It can initiate the healing process by cooling down the burned area of your skin. Increase your oral fluid intake because there is a possibility of becoming dehydrated after prolonged exposure under the sun.

Using an anti-inflammatory topical ointment can also help in how to treat sunburn. Avoid rubbing harsh soap on your skin when you have sunburn, because some can cause further irritation to your skin. Also, avoid using any lotion on your skin because this will only trap the heat inside leaving you with the unwanted painful sunburns.

Being exposed under the sunlight will make us healthy due to the release of Vit. D on our body. However, this is only effective when we are exposed to early morning sunlight only for 10 minutes.

If we soak ourselves under the sun for hours with the intense heat, this is already not healthy for our body. Red and painful blisters on our skin will happen leaving us with ugly sunburns that can cause the unwanted peeping of our skin. During the peeling period, it might not look good as well, because some parts of the body will have different colors.

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