How To Treat Lice

Head lice can cause a lot of stress to a person. This is because lice can make the scalp really itchy, and to some extent they can also cause pain. Lice infestation can actually occur to any individual; however, children are more prone to it, because of the fact that they are usually found in schools, where there is a big possibility that their friends have it. Lice infestation is actually very contagious, where the lice can simply jump from one person to another and infect the latter.

Aside from that, sharing certain items that are infested with lice can also become the cause of spreading it. Although prevention is very important, it is also best that you learn how to treat it, so that you can immediately address it, if one of the members of yours household has it.

Quick treatment of lice would not just mean faster relief from it, but it also would decrease the chances of spreading it to all the persons living inside your house.

One of the best ways to treat lice can be done with the use of over the counter shampoos that are made specifically for it. Keep in mind though that there may be a number of brands that are available today. Thus, it is a good idea to gather more information about them first, so that you will know which ones are the most effective and safe for your child.

Do not forget the possibility that some of these shampoos may contain harsh chemicals, which may not be good for young children. Thus, it is best that you properly read its label and its instructions, to be on the safe side.

treat lice

Aside from that, you should also consider that when your child has lice, you should assume that eggs have already been laid on his scalp. Since these anti-lice shampoos cannot take care of the eggs, then you should make use of it once again after the eggs have been hatched, which is usually after seven to nine days. By doing this, you are ensuring that all the lice will be eradicated, as well as those that have just hatched from the eggs.

If you don’t like the thought of using shampoos that may contain harsh ingredients for your child, then you can also consider a number of natural home remedies for head lice.

Some of the remedies that are commonly practiced by lots of people today are done with the use of neem, aniseed, coconut, and tea tree oils. Just simply apply them on the scalp and rinse; and, check for the lice a few days after.

Delousing combs is yet another option that you can consider in treating lice. These types of combs have very fine teeth, which will drag the lice and its eggs from your hair when used.

These are the options that you have in treating lice. Check each of the options available, so that you can choose the one that would suit you and your child best.

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